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Customizable luxury bracelet

This bracelet has a story I'm going to tell you... A designer jeweller longed us to repair the bracelet of an ancient customer. It was made of coral pearls and it gave me the idea of creating mine with glass pearls and a purl made with 2 silvers. In sunlight, it reveals all its brightness ! Plus, it's comfortable to wear.

The square of 1,18 inches per 1,18 inches at the center of the bracelet is customizable. Indicate us a thematic and our designer will create a drawing tally with what you desire. The pearls color of the bracelet and its centre can vary at your convenience.

Pattern « moiré effect »

- Silver serge, 1 metre of mat silver ( 990 ) purl
- 1 metre of curled silver ( 990 ) purl
- ½ metre of bright silver ( 990 ) purl
- 25 pearls of silver-colored glass
- 3000 pearls of glass ( for the bracelet )
- silver-plated paillons
- 11,81 inches of silver pearl purl n°3
- 19,68 inches of étincelle argent
- 3 metres of nylon thread
- 20 metre of silver Louis thread
- black suede ( reverse of the bracelet embroidered by the mark of our workshop )
- magnetic plated-silver clasp

Price according to customization