Our Realisations

Contemporary art
The Bégonia d'Or and contemporary art : this meeting has been made possible the day when Sylvie Deschamps and Yves Sabourin ( an artistic creation inspector for the Ministry of Culture ) got in touch. Impressed by the talent of the Bégonia d'Or's workteam, Yves Sabourin recommended the atelier to artists who wanted to incorporate embroidery in their creations.
To date, these collaborations resulted in the creation of seven artworks.

Ever since, Sylvie Deschamps worked many times with Jean-Michel Othoniel ( who created the logo of the Bégonia d'Or ) and with Stéphane Parmentier. With the latter, a collection based on natural products for the Domaine des Etangs was launched.

Also, the Bégonia d'Or created unique pieces inspired by matters of all sorts to serve the art of embroidery.